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Pennsylvania: Colonial Times - 1876

Important People

Important People

These are the important people from Pennsylvania.  They have contributed to the History of America.  These men are great military leaders, presidents, and also scientists and educators.



William Penn


  • Given a huge tract of land in North America and named it, in honor of the Admiral, "Pennsilvania," or Penn's Woods.
  • Had many visions and hopes for this new Land of Promise: Pennsylvania.
  • Penn named Philadelphia, a name which he interpreted to mean "the city of brotherly love."
  • Penn's Quaker principles existed in the life of the colony
  • Took steps to establish peaceful relations with the Indians, whom he respected.
  • Adopted of a new frame of government, the Charter of Privileges, in October, 1701.
  • Penn succeeded in retaining his colony
  • Died never having a chance to enjoy the colony for which he was responsible.


Henry Bouquet


Military hero to Pennsylvania: Professional soldier who participated in the French and Indian War and Pontiac war. Defeated the enimies, rescued soldiers from Indian captivity.

Henry Bouquet was one of the major military figures of colonial American history

The first important professional soldier in Pennsylvania history.

Had Bouquet not broken the Indian power at Bushy Run and on the Muskingum, the settlement of western Pennsylvania would have been delayed for many years, and the American patriots of Revolutionary days would have had no foothold beyond the mountains from which to establish a claim to the western territories.


James Buchanan

He became elected America's fifteenth president.
Political career consisted of service in Pennsylvania's General Assembly, United States congressman, United States senator, minister to Russia, secretary of state under President James K. Polk, and ambassador to Great Britain.
Reputation as a competent and thorough lawyer
Buchanan won a special election to the United States Senate in 1834 where he served continuously until 1845.
He promoted the notion that governmental power ought always to be held in check by a strict interpretation of the United States Constitution and counseled restraint on the part of both private individuals and elected officials with regard to the contentious issue of slavery.
Buchanan, like many southerners, had favored extending the 1820 Missouri Compromise line to the Pacific.


Benjamin Franklin

  Ben Franklin was a printer, publisher, inventor, scientist, and politician.  He contributed to American history, philosphy and technology.  Philadelphia claims Franklin as its most illustrious son. Ben Franklin demonstrated that lightning was a form of electricity with his well-known kite and key experiment.  His inventions include the lightning rod and the electric battery.


George Washington

Emerged from the French and Indian War as the most distinguished soldier in the Colonies.
Demonstrated courage, resourcefulness, and faithfulness in carrying out every task assigned to him.
On boundaries of Pennsylvania George Washington began his important public service in preparation for the first great war fought "for the blessings of religious and civil liberty." The outcome of the war made settlement in Pennsylvania possible for the first time.
George Washington played a key role in the settlement of Pennsylvania.


Anthony Wayne
a military hero
Made peace with indians at Greenville in 1795
Put an end to Indian raids and opening Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania to settlement.
Commander of the Pennsylvania Line
Persuaded the Pennsylvania government to take care of their complaints.
The State of Georgia granted him an estate for his Revolutionary services.


Abraham Lincon

Lincoln’s ancestors had lived in Pennsylvania
Democratic presidential nomination in 1860, made him a national figure and a possible Republican candidate for the presidency.
Spoke a few words which have deservedly become the classic expression of American idealism for all time. In them, Lincoln and Pennsylvania became forever united.